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How long is the event?

The event is two days. It will run Tuesday September 29th - Wednesday September 30th.

What is the event schedule?

You can find our presentation and event schedule under the schedule tab on the main menu bar. Or you can "click here."

Where can I watch the presentations?

All presentation will be streamed live in the CosenNOW Virtual Theater. Check event schedule to see when presentations will take place. 

How can I ask questions during the presentations?

All attendees of the event will be able to ask questions via the chat feature which is located directly underneath the video player in the Virtual Theater. Guests can leave questions in the chat and at the end of each presentation questions will be answered LIVE during a scheduled Q&A session.

Are the machine featured in the event the only machines that apply to t he promotions?

Promo codes for each category will be accepted for any Cosen saw that fits that designation. The machines featured in each booth and our presentations are just a few of Cosen's many models offered. We offer various styles and different capacity ranges to fit you cutting needs.

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